Stylist Made Easy With StylistVIP. brings you a variety of designer bags, shoes, and apparel; offering slightly-used photo shoot wardrobe as well as unworn designer pieces at unbelievable prices!

Originally created as a network with purely stylists and models in mind —StylistVIP is an expanding blog listing fashion inventories updated on a daily basis for fashion lovers everywhere!

While working as a fashion model and in branding and advertising industries, the idea of a network of models and stylists using designer wardrobe on set —and then having the opportunity to sell to other stylists only seemed reasonable. 

Models will wear clothing for a few hours - and more often than not: clothes will be pulled for the model - yet never actually chosen for the final campaign.

But why just limit the goods to stylists and models?

It is certainly not uncommon for fashion enthusiasts to have a plethora of once-worn and even completely unworn designer items.

Public inventories of StylistVIP feature a great variety of shoes and bags from Christian Louboutin —to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Gucci and more!

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How May I Purchase?

Items on our website are all approved for posting and may be purchased via Kelly Textoris’ REDBOUTIN.COM and Kamilah Ferrari’s KAMILAH.BLOG

Are Listings Authentic or Replica Items?

All items listed on our website are 100% Authentic Designer. We do not sell “dupes”, “look-a-likes”, or designer imposter. We will not under any circumstance promote fake designer items. 

How Can We Verify Authenticity?

All of our items come with receipts, official documents, dust bags, tags, and/or more!

If you would like to request proof of authenticity; we do offer an authenticity proof check with official documentation through an outside (3rd-party) company (for an additional $25 paid directly to company). 

Can I have items repaired directly from Redboutin?

Yes. Please mention to Redboutin that you would like to have your items sent straight to MyShoeConcierge for repair. Please allow an extra 7-14 business days for delivery.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Items?

The average turn-around time is 14 business days. 

How Can I Sell My Items?

If you have any interest in opening your own closet please visit our corresponding page.