About Us

Imagine the ability to shop designer items at a fraction of the cost, provided by your very own online stylists. You no longer have to imagine with StylistVIP!

About Us

Stylist Made Easy With StylistVIP: brings you a variety of designer bags, shoes, and apparel; offering slightly-used photo shoot wardrobe as well as unworn designer pieces at unbelievable prices!

Originally created as a network with purely stylists and models in mind —StylistVIP is an expanding blog listing fashion inventories updated on a daily basis for fashion lovers everywhere!

While working as a fashion model and in branding and advertising industries, the idea of a network of models and stylists using designer wardrobe on set —and then having the opportunity to sell to other stylists only seemed reasonable. 

Models will wear clothing for a few hours - and more often than not: clothes will be pulled for the model - yet never actually chosen for the final campaign.

But why just limit the goods to stylists and models?

It is certainly not uncommon for fashion enthusiasts to have a plethora of once-worn and even completely unworn designer items.

Public inventories of StylistVIP feature a great variety of shoes and bags from Christian Louboutin —to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Gucci and more!

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