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Designer Shoes

All shoes in our collections have the ability to be repaired to perfection with our partners: MyShoeConcierge.

They will clean, correct, and seal all shoe interiors and exteriors. Any shoes already repaired and/or sealed by MyShoeConcierge/Red Repairs in particular will be clearly mentioned with RedRepairs name.

Choosing Your Size:

European sizes (Christian Louboutins, especially) tend to run a bit small. If you are a size 7 in US - you may go up to a size 38 (rather than 37) for a snug fit or a full size and a half up (38 1/2) for more room. 

All shoes are true brand items and come with immense amount of proof of authenticity!

This will include one or all of the following: physical receipts, direct forward of e-receipt from date and time of purchase, tags on new items, and original packaging/accessories.

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